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Ekologix Decking

Experience an innovative composite decking that has the look and feel of real timber but with far more benefits! Manufactured in straight and consistent 5.4m lengths, Ekologix Decking won’t twist or warp, and doesn’t have knots typical of natural timber decking. Because of the composite nature of our product, it doesn’t require oiling or painting, and the addition of UV stabilisers, and anti-mould agents help protect the decking from rot and decay. Ekologix Decking has all the benefits of timber without the splintering or cupping, and can be installed just as easily as any hardwood timber decking.

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Ekologix Screening

Transform any project with Ekologix Screening – the new flexible and innovative for many outdoor projects. Suited to a number of applications, the unique combination of bamboo, reclaimed timber and recycled plastic will give you the look and feel of natural timber, whilst providing you with unmatched versatility. Unlike traditional timber screens, Ekologix Screening does not require any painting or oiling for resistance to nature and weather. Equipped with special anti-UV technology, you won’t experience fading or deterioration over time. Manufactured specifically to offer flexibility and durability, Ekologix Screening will resist any splintering, cupping or warping, while maintaining its bright and vibrant color.

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