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    No oiling or paintingThe unique design of Ekologix Screening means less time and effort-consuming maintenance. The special technology will save you money, whilst making sure that your new screening keeps its rich color.
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    Rot, decay and termite resistantNo need to worry about the environmental damage as well. Even though it has the look of wood, the plastic design of Ekologix will fight off mold and termites on its own. Ekologix Screening is also less water-absorbent, so it will resist the damage, caused by mildew and decay as well.
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    Natural lookDon’t sacrifice looks for quality (or vice versa)! Ekologix Screening has the look and feel of natural timber but with all the benefits of plastic. Specifically engineering as a better alternative to timber, it will maintain its appearance for the years to come.
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    Weather resistantHarsh environmental conditions can cause damage to natural wood, and can also cause it to fade, if untreated with oiling or painting. The unique anti-UV technology within the Ekologix formula, however, will protect the screening against any weather damage, including the harmful effects of sunlight.

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Cleaning chart:

Colour Occasionally Regularly Often
Dark Brown
Mountain Oak
Silver Ash
Red Rock