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To achieve a safe and long lasting EKOLOGIX DECKING+ installation, it is important to read the Installation Guide provided in full.

EKOLOGIX DECKING+ boards are made for installation with the Quickfix Hidden Fastening System; providing you with a surface free of fasteners and a faster, easier installation.


You must wear appropriate safety protection such as dust masks and safety glasses when cutting.

EKOLOGIX DECKING+ planks should always be carried on their side edges for better support. Always exercise precaution and care when lifting EKOLOGIX DECKING+ planks and do not attempt to lift or carry more EKOLOGIX DECKING+ planks than can be safely handled in accordance with relevant OH&S requirements.



Centre-to-centre joist spacing (max) 450mm
Min ground clearance 300mm
Min side-to-side gap Auto-spaced by the Clip
Min end-to-end gap (butt join) 4mm*
Min gap for side edge to solid structures Auto-spaced by the Clip
Min gap for end edge to solid structures 6mm



installation-using-quickfix-clips-1 installation-using-quickfix-clips-2


  1. Position a starter clip against the wall on the first joist. Screw the starter clip into the side of the joist making sure the top of the side plate sits flush with the top of the joist.


  1. Repeat on last joist. (Note starter clip is reversible for left and right use).


  1. Run a string or chalk line from front top corner of the side plate between the first and last starter clips.


  1. With the top of the joists now marked, install the rest of the starter clips in line with this mark. Repeat this for every remaining joist


  1. Gently push the first decking board into the starter clips. You may need to angle the board slightly to push into the starter clips.




  1. Insert standard clips and locking clip into groove of board as shown. (Note: Only use 1 locking clip per board, which would usually go on the centre joist). Screw down approximately 2mm to hold the clips in place.


  1. Push next board into position.
  2. Repeat these steps and lay approximately 6 boards. Measure out from the 1st board to end of the 5th board. Make sure this measurement is the same at the beginning, middle and end of the 5th board. Adjust as necessary. This section should now be square. (NOTE: This is a guide only)
  1. Screw down this section decking. Do not overtighten. Use a low/medium torque on your drill.
  2. Repeat process until finished.


  • Thoroughly wet deck.
  • Sprinkle bi-carb soda over a section of the deck.
  • Scrub that section in the direction of the grain with a stiff bristle broom to create a white slurry.
  • Continue to work in sections until the whole deck is thoroughly scrubbed.
  • Give the deck a good rinse down, ensuring all water runs off the deck. Where possible, try not to let the water pool and mop any particularly wet areas with a clean mop, or alternatively, use a squeegee to push water off the end of the deck.
  • This procedure is for a general clean only. For more stubborn stains refer to our Care and Maintenance Guide

You can use a pressure washer that is no greater than 1500 PSI and it should not be applied closer than 30cm from the decking surface. Use a normal fan nozzle and not a dirt blaster type nozzle.




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