What sizes and colours does Ekologix Decking+ come in?

Ekologix Decking+ comes in 4 colours; Highland Oak, Silver Ash & Greystone and Dark Brown. It is available in 137x23x5400mm only.

Does the substructure for Ekologix Decking+ have to be different?

Ekologix Decking+ does not require a different or special substructure. It uses the same method as installing a traditional hardwood deck

What type of fasteners are used for Ekologix Decking+?

The Quickfix Hidden Fastening System has been specially designed for use with the Ekologix Decking+ profile, which is available at Bunnings Warehouse

What kind of maintenance or cleaning is required with Ekologix Decking+?

Ekologix Decking+ is packed with features and benefits. Cleaning is easy – just wash with warm water and dishwashing liquid or use a pressure washer for an extra clean. Please see our comprehensive Care and Maintenance page for more information


Download the latest Ekologix Decking installation guide.

Installation Guide