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EKOLOGIX DECKING+ boards are made for installation with the Quickfix Hidden Fastening System for Decking; providing you with a surface free of fasteners and a faster, easier installation. Please refer to the Quickfix Installation Guidelines when installing EKOLOGIX DECKING+

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    No oiling or paintingThe unique construction of EKOLOGIX DECKING+ requires no maintenance when it comes to oiling and painting. Those costly and tedious tasks become chores of the past, saving you both time and money. However, like carpet, our lighter colours – Highland Oak and Silver Ash – require more maintenance to keep clean than our darker colours.
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    Rot, decay and termite resistantUnlike timber decking, EKOLOGIX DECKING+ requires no special treatments to combat mould and termite damage. The plastic deters termites, and as EKOLOGIX DECKING+ absorbs less water than timber, it is less likely to suffer from the effects of mould and mildew. Should any surface mould and mildew appear, it is easily washed away.
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    Warp, cup and splinter resistantWarping and splintering can begin with traditional timber decks after just a few years in Australian and New Zealand weather. EKOLOGIX DECKING+ delays this weathering process, making it less likely to splinter, cup or warp. EKOLOGIX DECKING+ is also equipped with Anti-UV technology to combat fading in sunlight.
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    SafeSplinters, warped boards and popped nails are common problems associated with traditional timber decks. EKOLOGIX DECKING+ eliminates these safety hazards, welcoming bare feet. EKOLOGIX DECKING+ is also non-toxic.
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    Natural lookMany composite decking products still look like plastic. EKOLOGIX DECKING+ has been carefully engineered, designed and finished to look and feel like natural timber.

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Cleaning chart:

Colour Occasionally Regularly Often
Highland Oak
Silver Ash
Dark Brown