Why Should You Consider Composite Screening for Your Deck?


Ekologix, December 30th  |  

There are so many things that someone who owns residential property need to consider in order to keep it functional and attractive. Whether the house is intended as a primary residence, a second home get away or even as a rental, the more comfortable and operational it is, the better. Read more»

Composite Screening vs. Wood: Which is Better?

Ekologix, December 26th  |  

Most people who choose composite screening over wood do so for many reasons. First, composite requires very little to no maintenance. Secondly, it’s very eco-friendly compared to wood. Lastly, it’s definitely more durable than wood. However, can you actually prove these claims? Here are a few points on each material Read more»

The Advantages of Composite Decking

Ekodeck for garden

Ekologix, November 25th  |  

Outdoor decking has always been a popular addition to any residential and commercial establishment. With its dramatic innovations come composite decking which is considered the new generation in outdoor decking. Its attractive and durable material, which is a combination of wood and recycled plastic, makes it an increasingly popular choice Read more»

All You Need To Know About Eco Decking

Ekodeck installed on backyard with pool

Ekologix, October 4th  |  

While the 21st century has been deemed one of technological advances, it has also been deemed as a time of increased environmental awareness. In previous years, people use environmentally unfriendly materials to create various forms of products. These range from diesel-operated cars to plastic made decking. In addition to destructive Read more»

How to Select the Right Material for Your Backyard Deck

Ekodeck on backyard pool area

Ekologix, June 30th  |  

When you have decided on where and how to build your backyard deck, the next problem is deciding what material to use. There are many factors to consider when choosing the materials for your deck such as climate, the durability of the materials, and of course, how easy it is Read more»